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  • 27Apr

    Don't Tell Me How Talented You Are…...

    Tell Me How Hard You Work.

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  • 21Apr

    Summer Term is Here

    Well that felt like such a long Easter break for our staff and students and I am looking forward to seeing everybody so refreshed on Tuesday morning. I would also like to say a very big WELL DONE to the Year 11 and 10 students and their teachers who attended revision sessions every day during the holiday.

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  • 09Mar

    Admissions, Aspirations, Books and Faith

    The week started with the list of our new Burnt Millers, 210 young people who have been lucky enough to secure a place with us in September. I know it was a very difficult time for many families in the community who didn't secure a place and my thoughts are with them. We are however now busy getting to know our new students and it was great that almost 20 of them have started coming to our Maths SATs Saturday School run by Mr Scott.

    We also enjoyed celebrating our favourite books on World Book Day. It was wonderful to see the variety of literature that the young people of Burnt mill read. You can catch our Burnt Mill World Book Day Big Brother on You Tube to hear staff and students share their favourite books.

    Our week ended with the opening of our reflection room by religious leaders from our community. We have wanted a place for our students to pray, meditate or spend some quiet time for sometime and finally Ms Jones made it happen. It is so important to our community that we recognise that we are a multi faith community and celebrate the richness such diversity brings to our school.

    This week we will be celebrating International Women's Day in our assemblies, so it was great last week when Suzy Stride, Labour candidate for Harlow and Lucy Powell Labour MP for Manchester central; two women who have made the decision to get involved in a very traditionally male dominated career, came to Burnt Mill. They spoke to our Year 11 students about aspirations. It was wonderful to hear that the majority of our students aspire to get in to a top university. All they need to do is get all those A grades in the Summer.

    Have a great week.


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  • 02Mar



    It is appropriate that the theme for the week is determination. I have definitely seen a great deal of it amongst our older students this term. Year 11 and Year 10 have clearly spent half term revising, as they performed really well in the Pre-Public Exams this week. There are more this week, so I wish our determined young people well with the remaining papers.


    This week we are also preparing for World Book Day and will have many events, including a book sale so our students can choose a new book. At Burnt Mill we really encourage every student to be passionate about reading. It is certainly working, as many students have read over 10 novels this year. And our students don’t just go for simple books. Year 7 are developing their love of Shakespeare and are currently reading A Midsummer Night's Dream. It was great to see how excited they were to go off and see the production last Wednesday at Cambridge Theatre. As one student said ‘theatre is so much better than the cinema, I loved it’. This week both staff and students will be sharing what they are reading at the moment. I have got a few books on the go at the moment, the most interesting is ‘The Examined Life’  a fascinating book about human behaviour. As adults it is so important that we model to our children the importance of reading. We are always here to help our families with reading and if  any parent feels that their child isn’t reading enough or just want some advice then please contact Ms White, our Reading Leader.

    Have a great week reading!


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  • 02Feb

    Our School Never Stops

    There was so much debate this week about the length of the school day and school holidays. As parents are already aware at Burnt Mill our staff rarely finish at 3pm. The wide range of extra curricular activites we run until 5pm every day and on Saturdays is as one visitor said this week 'stunning'. I am so glad that we are seeing more and more Year 7 and 8 students trying some of the new clubs on offer. I am looking forward to seeing all the keen table tennis players join the new lunchtime club which will start this week.

    Last week we also saw almost every Year 11 parent either on or after our parents evening on Wednesday. This year group, Ellard's Eagles as we call them, are working so hard and have already got some stunning GCSE grades under their belts. We know that they will be preparing hard for the next set of examinations in March. We have revision sessions on every night after school until 5pm and every Saturday there are additional support sessions. As we say here 'Hard work pays. It gets you As'.

    It was also great to see our Year 8 students enjoy a 'Taster Day of GCSE Subjects' to help them make a decision about the first two GCSEs they will study in Year 9. They are certainly going to be spolit for choice, we offer such a range of subjects and the teaching and therefore the results in all  subjects are outstanding. We still have some way to go before the final choices are made but if any parents require further information, please contact Mr Williams.

    Have a great week and good luck to our PE teams who have several fixtures this week. 

    Helena Mills




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  • 26Jan

    Everybody Is Talking About Burnt Mill

    This week shows why we are well on our way to world class. Not just because Mr Walker installed clocks that show the different time zones but because we have been highlighted both nationally and locally for doing such amazing things.Firstly the 'school team of the year' award was given to my senior leadership team by Essex Council, in recognition of all they have done in the last three years to transform the aspirations of young people in Harlow. They have raised attainment but more importantly made our young people believe that they can achieve the highest grades and go to the top universities in the UK and of course change the world. Later in the week, once the league tables were published, the phone didn't stop ringing. The Daily Telegraph reported that Burnt Mill is the fourth most improved school in the country since 2010. The BBC website highlighted that Burnt Mill is the top performing of the other 55 similar schools, nationally. And then to top it all on Friday our current year 11 cohort achieved the best English results that the school has ever had. The faces of joy moved many of us to tears. However what I loved most about this week is that we showed we are more than just an exam factory. Many Year 7 and 8 students were invited to pizza this week because they have completed  their 15 book challenge. How wonderful to be talking to young people about their favourite books. And our fantastic Year 11 students who are devoting their summer to go to Ghana to help support  disadvantaged communities organised a fabulous evening at The Square to raise funds for the trip. Our Science team treated our students to an inspiring talk from a professor about physics and signs of life on other planets. I don't believe in aliens but many of our students do and they can argue their reasons well.  Finally, it is not just our students who are achieving great things, Miss O'Hara, Head of PE, has been selected for the England netball squad and will be touring South Africa in the summer. 

    Who would want to be in any other school?  Certainly not me.

    Have a great week.







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  • 18Jan

    Spring Term Well Under Way

    What a great start to 2014 so far.

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  • 08Nov

    'Tis within ourselves that we are thus or thus' OTHELLO

    I am always so proud to be the head of this fantastic school, and if I have any doubts that we are world class, they were erradicated this week as I watched our students perform on the stage and in the exam hall.

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  • 11Oct

    Awards, Rewards And Chocolate!!!

    It’s been an exciting week inside and out of Burnt Mill. I had the privilege on Thursday of picking up a Heart 4 Harlow award. We received the award in recognition of the outstanding education we provide here at Burnt Mill. I received a beautiful piece of nazeing glass which is now proudly on display in our reception.

    Meanwhile in school our staff and students have continued to show why such awards are well deserved.  Students have been working really hard and it’s great to see them using homework club to help them cope with the high demands we make of them outside of lessons. In addition to all the hard work, we have also had time for some fun. Students have been enjoying lots of exciting trips and clubs, including a House trip to the West End to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I think the trip inspired our pupils to make sweet treats, which is why Burnt Mill Bake Off Club has been full of students making delicious chocolate chip cookies this week.

    Good Luck this week to our Year 7 and 8 students who start ‘The Great Challenge’. Extra rewards will be granted to those students who show that they can do ‘great things’.


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  • 29Sep

    Loving Language

    This week we celebrated European Language Day with many exciting activities.

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  • 23Sep

    Busiest Open Evening Yet

    After probably our busiest open evening yet we have continued to welcome many families to tour the school this week yet have not allowed this to distract us from our most important job; learning.

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  • 15Sep

    First Week Busy and Fun!

    The  first full week, with everyone together has got off to such a great start. Our Year 7s have settled in so well, working hard in lessons and  even coping with their  10 hours of homework! 

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