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Students inspired by professional Indian drumming

Students inspired by professional Indian drumming

Posted: 13th December 2017

World music studies were brought to life for students by a professional Indian drummer.

Session musician Dan Sceats spent a day at Burnt Mill Academy teaching Year 9, 10 and 11 GCSE music students all about the art.

As part of the revamped GCSE courses, students learn about world music.

Cristin Casey, director of performing arts, works closely with Essex Music Hub to bring lessons to life for students.

She said: “The hub provides a series of world music workshops, which we have access to for our students. Last year, we held a samba workshop and this year we are focusing on Indian drumming.

“It is so much easier for students to learn about a new topic like this if they get to play the instrument, especially when it’s music they may be unfamiliar with.

“Dan has travelled to India and studied with classical Indian musicians so it’s wonderful to have him share his knowledge and expertise with students. It was a real opportunity to enrich students in our curriculum and to enhance their understanding of a wider variety of cultures.

“Our children are insatiable and want to get as much information out of opportunities like this as possible. I could have filled his time for a whole week, there has been so much interest in his visit.”

Students got to listen to Indian drumming, to perform and compose their own music through the day.

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