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Student Success in Maths Challenge

Posted: 18th August 2017

In April students from Burnt Mill took part in a UK Maths Challenge. We'd like to congratulate the students on their fantastic results. This morning each student was presented with a certificate (multiple in some cases) by members of the school SLT.

The students and their awards are below.

Charlie Donovan Year 7 Gold - Best In School
Oliver Copsey Year7 Silver 
Rebecca Smith Year 7 Silver 
Matas Buitkus Year 7 Silver 
Mohit Patil Year 7 Silver 
Lauren Burgess Year 7 Silver 
Callum Birchmore Year 7 Silver 
Rachel Fletcher Year 8 Silver - Best In Year
Joseph Linnecor Year 8 Silver 
Naomi Carter Year 8 Silver 
Ronnie Witcomb Year 8 Silver 
Justin Man Year 8 Silver 
Sheriff Abubakari Year 7 Bronze 
Callum Martin Year 7 Bronze 
Samuel Richardson Year7 Bronze 
Robins Valters Year 7 Bronze 
Harry Weemes Year 7 Bronze 
Molly Grovee Year 7 Bronze 
Armandas Dulaitis Year 7 Bronze 
Denis Bubutanu Year 7 Bronze 
Michael Salter Year 7 Bronze 
Ben Stringer Year 7 Bronze 
Juliet Orton Year 8 Bronze 
Hannah Keeling Year 8 Bronze 
Callie Howett Year 8 Bronze 
Ellis Hester Year 8 Bronze 
Danielle Khalifa Year 8 Bronze 
Laurie Chapman Year 8 Bronze 
Amy Short Year 8 Bronze 
Faizaan Adamson Year 8 Bronze 
Lucy Oliver Year 8 Bronze 
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