Our Houses

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Burnt Mill is proud of its well established House system that fosters a sense of community and pride in the school. There are six Houses; Cheshire, Cockcroft, Eliot, Hunt, Moore and Sheppard. Each student is assigned to a different House lead by a House Leader. Their role is to ensure that students are encouraged to participate in the many House activities and contribute to the healthy system of competition for House points through the extra-curricular BM Xtra scheme.  Each house also has representatives on the Student Council. The council, who hold a budget of £5000 each year, works closely with the Headteacher to ensure that students’ views are taken in to account in the leadership and management of the school.

As a result of their views the school has made significant improvements to the learning environment and developed and adapted our system of rewards and consequences.

Two Year 11 students to sit on the Full Governing Body as Head Boy and Head Girl.  As well as reporting to the Governors they will also host events in school and act as role models for their peers. Sharing the leadership of the school in this way encourages a sense of responsibility as well as helping them to develop their confidence, maturity and raise self-esteem.

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