Applied Business

Year 10 & 11 Only
Exam board: Edexcel
Course code/specification number: 2AB01
Level of qualification: GCSE

What skills will students develop and demonstrate?

  • Practical skills – time management, personal organisation and action planning
  • Research skills – finding out key information about real businesses by visiting them, using the internet and interviewing/surveying employers, employees and customers
  • Presentational skills – addressing audiences using a variety of media and forms e.g. report writing, using tables, pie charts and graphs to show information and communicating using good
  • Literacy skills (paragraphing, spelling, grammar and punctuation)
  • Personal skills – showing evidence of working on your own independently interpersonal skills, communication and group work
  • Cognitive skills - reflection and review of own and others’ performances: how well did things go in your research? What would you improve if you did it all again?
  • Students will need to show attention to detail, rather like a business person would when keeping financial records in their business
  • Students will need to show that they can write at length. This will be word processed and will need to be of ‘business’ standard
  • Students will need to be able to use a calculator to multiply, add, divide and subtract figures on business documents.

What will students learn about?

Unit 1:
What is a business and what do businesses do. How they are organised. Why are stakeholders so important. Students research two businesses, one local and one national/international .They then answer a number of set questions based on the content of the unit in relation to these selected businesses, using their research materials, under controlled conditions of a set duration.

Unit 2:
Financial records. Investigating the flow of financial documents used in business trading. Investigating business payment methods, costs and revenues. Investigating the nature of financial statements in business. Investigating the importance of financial statements to business.

How will students’ learning be assessed?

60% controlled assessment and 40% one 1 hour exam paper sat in the summer of 2017.

What grades can students access?

Students can access grades A*-G 

What can students progress on to after completing this course?

AS/A Level Business Studies
S/A Level Economics
BTEC Business at Level 3
Careers in a wide variety of areas including business itself, financial services and accountancy if students’ progress on to advanced business courses at levels 3 and 4.

For further information please contact:

Mr. L. Bradbury Assistant Head