Physical Education

Year 10 & 11 Only
Exam board: Edexcel
Course code/specification number: 1PE0
Level of qualification: GCSE

What will students learn about?

Component 1 – Fitness and Body Systems.

  • Anatomy and physiology- skeletal system, cardio-respiratory systems, aerobic and anaerobic exercise and short term and long term effects of exercise.
  • Movement analysis- lever systems, planes and axis of movement.
  • Physical Training – relationship between health and fitness, components of fitness, principles of training, training programmes and prevention of injury.

Component 2-Health and Performance.

  • Health fitness and wellbeing- physical, emotional and social health, consequences of a sedentary lifestyle and sports nutrition.
  • Sports Psychology- classification of skills, target setting, feedback on performance and mental preparation for performance.
  • Socio-cultural influences- engagement patterns of social groups in sport, commercialisation of sport and ethical and socio-cultural issues in physical activity.

Component 3- Practical performance- students will be assessed in three physical activities. One must be a team sport, one individual sport and the third can be a free choice of a team or individual sport. Students will learn individual skills of the sports and how to apply them into a game/performance. Example of sports are, football, badminton, basket- ball, cricket, dance, netball, rugby, squash, table tennis, tennis, athlet- ics, gymnastics, kayaking, swimming and trampolining.

Component 4- Personalised exercised programme- students will have to plan a personalised training programme, carry out their programme and evaluate their programme.

How will students’ learning be assessed?

60% of the course is assessed through theory examinations. This consists of two exams:

Component 1: Written examination, 1 hour 45 minutes worth 36%.

Component 2: Written examination, 1 hour 15 minutes worth 24%

30% of the course is assessed through practical ability. This consists of students being assessed in 3 sports on individual skills and applying skills into games or performances.

10% of the coursed is assessed through coursework- The personalised exercise programme.

What grades can students access?

Grades 9-1

What can students’ progress on to after completing this course?

After completing the GCSE PE course, students can progress on to A level PE and other sports courses offered at Col- lege.

If students are thinking about a career in sport, GCSE PE is highly recommended. 

For further information please contact:

Miss. K. O’Hara Subject Leader:

Mr. D. Hynd 2i/c PE: