Graphic Products

Exam board: Edexcel
Course code/specification number: 2GR01
Level of qualification: Level 2

What skills will students develop and demonstrate?

Students will develop their drawing skills and use CAD to present their design ideas. They will investigate alternative solutions to problems and use model making and computer simulations to test their ideas and then evaluate their ideas using a specification and user group feedback. They will develop an understanding of sustainability issues and the responsibility designers have to our environment.

What will students learn about?

Students will learn to design and make a product for a customer, taking into account the wants and needs of the customer. They will carry out a range of market research and analyse existing products to help them to produce their designs.Students will develop knowledge of a range of graphic materials used for modelling and production in industry.

How will students’ learning be assessed?

  • Unit 1: Creative Design and Make Activities

Practical coursework portfolio (60%) Examples of coursework tasks include: packaging, point of sale displays, board games, concept design and interior or architectural design.

  • Unit 2 Knowledge and Understanding of Graphic Products

Examination paper (1.5hrs) (40%) 

What can students progress on to after completing this course?

Advertising and marketing, product design, graphic design, web design, computer game design, interior design, exhibition design.

What grades can students access

A*- G

For further information please contact:

Miss. D. Walsh Assistant Head ADT

Mr. N. Lysons Subject Leader