Be More - Enrichment

At Burnt Mill Academy, we aim to enrich your experience in each of the subjects we offer. Learning shouldn’t stop when school officially ends at 3pm! If you have been enjoying your time in a particular lesson and want to continue this at home, or if you would like to improve your skills and knowledge in a particular subject area, there are several ways Burnt Mill can help you Be More. 
Firstly, there are a wide range of Enrichment Clubs and Societies you can join. These range in content (some are subject specific, some cross-curricular) and time (before school, at lunchtime and after school) and are a fantastic way to learn something new, make more friends, and have fun. We also have a huge selection of one-off trips, to locations as varied as Shakespeare's Globe, Thorpe Park and the University of Oxford. Check the timetable here, or in your tutor room, to find out when and where these opportunities take place.
Secondly, you can check the Enrichment Suggestion List online. This is a regularly updated document with pointers and hints at what to do if you wish to continue pushing yourself outside of official lessons and homework. Suggestions range from reading to websites to trips, and all are tailored to what you are currently learning. 
Have a look today, and Be More now.
If you have any concerns, questions or suggestions, please contact Ms Kaymer (Enrichment Coordinator).

December 2016 

The second half of the autumn term was packed full of extra-curricular activities; recounted below is just a taste of the huge range of things on offer. If you want to know more about how to get involved, check the timetable of clubs or email:


Chess Club was relaunched this term by Mr Budd; if you’re interested pop by ICT4 during Wednesday lunch for board games, music and fun. ‘Drop the Mic’ club has been another new success story, with Year 7s and 8s creating performance art and poetry every Tuesday lunchtime. Similarly, Film Club has launched this year to great success. 

Pupils have been cooking up a storm at Cookery Club, and producing stunning work at Art and Photography Club. At Science Club, pupils have had the chance to perform all sorts of wild experiments (see the photos for more details of their fantastic projects).

The debating team took part in several competitions, such as ‘Youth Speaks’ (see photos below). This was hosted by the Rotary Club at Bishop Stortford College, and the two teams of three students spoke on the topics of Youth Votes and A Women's Right to Choose. They were hugely successful in engaging the audience and advocating their point of view. This was a great achievement as they were all very nervous speaking in front of almost 100 people. In particular, Lauren Martin's speech on A Women's Right to Choose brought many of the audience to tears and she was applauded for a very moving speech. The Next competition is at the London School of Economics on 3rd December, where the debate team will compete against schools from across the country! 

The newly launched library is an exciting new resource, which holds many opportunities for our students. In addition to well-stocked shelves and a calm atmosphere for pupils to complete homework or read for fun, several different Book Clubs have been meeting to share their thoughts and read together. The Extended Reader group have all been working at levels significantly above their expected progress, and are preparing presentations on the ‘challenge’ books they have been set. These will form part of the Burnt Mill Literature Festival happening in March: keep an eye out for this!


Enrichment continued outside of school grounds. Pupils across the Key Stages enjoyed trips to the theatre (The Lion King, Romeo and Juliet and An Inspector Calls to name just a few) and a modern languages weekend in France, to visit the Christmas Market and practise their French skills. With the humanities department, GCSE students enjoyed the chance to visit the Houses of Parliament, whilst KS3 students who had shown fantastic effort were treated to a trip to Colchester Zoo.

Meanwhile, a group of 24 Year 7 and 8 ‘Scholars’ took part in a term-long university style project. With the national ‘Brilliant Club’ programme, they studied history and physics with a PhD student at 6 tutorials over the course of the term, and are beginning to complete their final pieces of work, which will be assessed in a university style grading system. They look forward to their ‘graduation’ trip at Kings College London next term.

Performing Arts

Burnt Mill Academy students took part in a huge range of performing arts activities this term. As well as the regular dance and drama clubs, the choir sang at the town Christmas light switch-on, students took part in the Shakespeare Schools festival, and many groups (including a teacher band!) competed in Battle of the Bands. The term will culminate in the Christmas extravaganza on the 15th December, with a performance of “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” at the Harlow Playhouse. For more information, photos and videos of the extensive Performing Arts programme at Burnt Mill, visit:


In the sporting world, Burnt Mill Academy had many successes this term. Just a few of the notable achievements included the girls U14 netball team, the Year 8 boys basketball team and the Year 11 boys football team.

As always, if you are interested in joining any of these extra-curricular activities, please visit our ‘Reading List’ pages (where you can find custom suggestions for each subject) and have a look at the club timetable online. 

October 2016

Enrichment at Burnt Mill started with a bang this year, when several hundred Year 7s and 8s attended our first ever Freshers Fair! This was an exciting time for the students to see what clubs were on offer, speak to staff involved, and sign up to societies. 

All our many societies have begun and are hitting the ground running. We are particularly excited about a few new opportunities this year, including Chess Club, Arabic Club and 'Drop the Mic' club. These are only a few of the diverse and exciting range of opportunities on offer, so please check the timetable for times and locations if you'd like to try any of the clubs.