Pupil Premuim Plan 2015-16

Pupil Premium Spending Plan 2015 – 2016

For the academic year 2015 – 2016 we will receive a total of £369,325.00 for the Pupil Premium students to ensure they continue to excel in their education whilst at Burnt Mill Academy.

 Proposed Plan for the Spend of Pupil Premium Allowance.

The plan for this year’s spend does not vary too much from last year as we received a great deal of success with the progress and attainment of our Pupil premium students last year.

We will in the first term be conducting an external Pupil Premium review to ensure that we are providing for our Pupil Premium students in the best possible way, reviewing any practices as necessary. The cost of this will be £1800

We have also appointed a Pupil Premium coordinator to ensure that Pupil Premium spending is tracked and reviewed against academic progress and performance for all our Pupil Premium Students. The cost of this is £11000

In addition to these new strategies our broad plan for 2015 – 2016 is presented as follows.


Expected cost approx.

Expected out come

Raising Attainment Group


This group will monitor and track the progress and attainment of Pupil Premium students and implement appropriate interventions.

Teaching and Learning Team


To ensure standard of teaching and learning in classrooms is to an outstanding level to ensure all staff are able to make outstanding progress with our Pupil Premium Students.

Professional Development of/for Teaching Staff


By continuing to develop staff in their feedback, teaching and other aspects of their professional development we can ensure each lesson our Pupil premium students make outstanding progress.

Reduced Class Sizes


By placing our best teachers with small focused classes of key students we can ensure that these students make above outstanding progress and are as best prepared for their exams as possible.



Continuing to provide this important step between primary and secondary will ensure that the most vulnerable students are able to make progress and feel safe and supported at school. In the long term leading to examination success and increased life chances.

Study Clubs, Saturday and Holiday Schools and Three to Five Club


By ensuring all our Pupil Premium students have access to focused in school revision session we will ensure they are fully focused for their exams. This will ensure the highest possible examination results for them.

1-2-1 Support


This will be implemented where students require more intense support or where students need to catch up on missed work. It will ensure that Pupil Premium students are fully equipped with the skills and subject knowledge they need for their exams.

Reading Recovery and Phonics


We plan to continue to offer reading recovery and phonics and expect that this will continue to improve the reading and literacy of low ability pupil premium students.



Where appropriate I expect mentoring will be key to provide students with the life skills and strategies they need to be successful in their time at Burnt Mill Academy.

Learning Mentors and External Counselling


With a more specific or high level of need external counselling will be employed to overcome these specific obstacles, ensure that students are able to be successful in their time at Burnt Mill Academy.



We will still support our disadvantaged students to ensure they can still access the wide range of life enhancing enrichment activities available at Burnt Mill. This will build aspirations for our Pupil Premium Students.



Rewards will be used to motive and reward students who have made an extra effort or are in need of an extrinsic motivational influence to reach their target levels.