Pupil Premium Plan

We believe that every student at Burnt Mill Academy should have the opportunity to achieve the best possible start to life. We are committed to breaking down any barriers to outstanding achievement and attainment.

With the addition of the Pupil Premium Grant, Burnt Mill Academy has improved the provision for our most disadvantaged pupils. There has been a strong focus on academic attainment with staff training so that we are skilled to plan for the needs of all our students.

In order to ensure the best possible provision for pupil premium and all students, we have recruited more outstanding teachers and made specific curriculum changes so that all pupils can access a curriculum that leads to success. We have extended the school day so that students are supported before and after the official curriculum hours. We have a highly developed CPD programme so that staff are able to share strategies that support and extend specific groups of learners. Our assessment system makes sure that interventions are early and are more effective when gaps begin to emerge.

The use of the additional funding has been highly effective as the gap between our disadvantaged students and others has narrowed, however, we are determined to ensure that poverty is no barrier to progress and high attainment. We believe there should be no gap between pupil premium pupils and their peers.

We look forward to building on this progress in the next academic year through the strategies outlined in this document.

Our Objectives

  • We want to ensure there is no gap between in the educational achievement of pupil premium pupils and their peers.
  • Provide additional educational support to raise the achievement of our pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium.
  • Address underlying inequalities, as far as possible, between these pupils and others.
  • Ensure that the Pupil Premium funds reach the pupils who need them most.
  • Make a significant impact on the education and lives of these pupils and all pupils.
  • Work in partnership with the parents of pupils to collectively ensure their success.
  • To have a whole-school approach when addressing the ‘attainment’ gap experienced by these pupils.

Pupil Premium Spending Plan 2016-2017

For the academic year 2016-2017 we will receive a total of £356,884 for the Pupil Premium students to ensure they continue to excel in their education whilst at Burnt Mill Academy. The plan for this year’s spending does not vary too much from last year’s as we received a great deal of success with the progress and the attainment of our Pupil premium students last year.

Proposed Plan for the Spend of Pupil Premium Allowance is as follows:


Expected cost approx.

Expected outcome

Raising Attainment Group




To ensure Pupil Premium students make the outstanding progress and achieve their target grades. This group will monitor and track the progress and attainment of Pupil Premium students and implement appropriate interventions.

Teaching and Learning Team



To ensure standard of teaching and learning in classrooms is to an outstanding level to ensure all staff are able to make outstanding progress with our Pupil Premium Students.

Professional Development of/for Teaching Staff




To ensure Pupil premium students make outstanding progress by continuing to develop staff in their feedback, teaching and other aspects of their professional development.

Reduced Class Sizes




To ensure our most disadvantaged students make outstanding progress and are exam ready by placing them in small focused classes with our best teachers.





To ensure students who are not ready for secondary school receive the support they need academically as well as personally so they can succeed in secondary school. This provision is now extended to Key Stage 4 to ensure students who need extra support with their GCSE studies are cared for.

Study Clubs, Saturday and Holiday Schools and Three to Five Club



To ensure all Pupil Premium students have access to focused in school revision session we will ensure they are fully prepared for their exams. This will ensure the highest possible examination results for them which will ensure they have access to Post-16 and succeed in life.

1-2-1 or 2-2-1 Support



To ensure Pupil Premium students are fully equipped with the skills and subject knowledge they need for their exams. This will be implemented where students require more intense support or where students need to catch up on missed work.

Accelerated Reading, Reading Recovery and Phonics



To improve the reading skills of all learners so they can access the curriculum, we intend to continue with our reading interventions.

Careers and Post-16 Guidance


To ensure students are making informed choices about their futures, we will continue with our tailored careers programme which starts in year 7 and continues throughout.



To ensure students are supported so they have the life skills and the strategies to succeed academically at Burnt Mill Academy and beyond.

Learning Mentors


To ensure students are able to overcome barriers to their learning through more specific counselling.




To ensure Pupils Premium students have the same opportunities their non-disadvantaged peers have so they can experience the same activities and take part in life changing experiences.




To motivate and reward students who have made an extra effort or are in need of an extrinsic motivational influence to reach their target levels.